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I am working on several new designs and techniques for craftspeople out there, who like me, hesitate to leave the studio, but want to have fresh ideas to work with. As many of you know, I am a contributor to Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine and their sister publication, Glass Art. These two publications share news, ideas, patterns, step by step designs, fusing techniques, artist profiles, and even architectural glass stories. All these resources combine to help stimulate, inspire and educate us without ever having to leave the shop. I read these quarterly magazines cover to cover and not just because my work is often featured.

Now having said that, here I go promoting issues that contain my contributions. The Summer 2012 issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly featured my glass panel “Spirit of the West” on the cover, with a step by step fabrication guide inside. The panel demonstrates the use of Spectrum’s fabulous and fusible Spirit glass which comes in a variety of amazing color combinations. Currently dancing around in my head are ideas on how to use their blue/green selections on some sea life panels. But isn’t that the whole idea? These magazines are a creative stimulant that help guide us into new territory, using new products and even tweaking old methods. However, each issue, whether you work creating glass jewelry, lamps, panels, mosaics, kiln work … whatever, will contain something to give you a refreshing look at our glass world.

The January/February issue of Glass Art has another article on my enchantment with the work of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. Expect more of these stories from me, I seem to drown in Art Noveau, I love those whirls and curves! The Winter issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly features a step by step that I created due to my obsession with the television series “Mad Men”... so of course I had to create that 60’s flair by designing cuff links and tie bars. I needed a little help with this one, so my son Joshua, a Major in the USMC, served this time as a “hand model” and his wife, Marcina, took the photographs. On a very personal note, Joshua deploys for Afghanistan this week ... so to all of you who are in service or have family and friends in service, I am sure you understand how proud we are. Working with glass and associating with other artists helps to ease my mind ... and one glass is usually followed by another until the entire bottle is gone.
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